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Lean Development & Solutions
Lean DS



Lean Development & Solutions specializes in the development of learning organizations through an effective implementation of Lean solutions, which are based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). Lean Solutions & Development operates in sectors such as manufacturing, health and services.

The Lean solutions consist of a collection of methodologies, approaches and systems which, when implemented correctly in a logical and ordered sequence, generate concrete results and help organizations reduce costs and improve their overall performance.  Any organization optingfor the Lean approach must unavoidably expect a change in its business practices, organizational structure and operational procedures. Lean Development & Solutions places a strong emphasis on organizational development through practical projects, training and coaching in order to meet the business goals and objectives.

Our role is, while always staying true to the Lean approach, to guide you towards successfully achieving your goals and support the development of your employees. We believe that the customers must adopt and commit to the change to ensure its success and sustainability.

How do you meet today's challenges? Is your organization apt to provide services at the lowest possible cost? Are your customers satisfied with the time frames provided? Are your employees mobilized towards successfully achieving the objectives and goals of your organization? Do your employees understand what is required of them to bring the organization forward? Is the entirety of your staff working towards the same goal?

In your industry, you are the expert. We provide the Lean expertise.

Our services

Finding the solutions

Lean Development & Solutions provides advice and support to address your business challenges and meet your operational goals. There is always a solution, and we can provide it!

First and foremost, we start by conducting a full assessment (audit) of your organization to analyse its level of performance. Once the assessment is completed, all parties can agree on what is required to do to obtain optimal results. The purpose of Lean Development & Solutions' unique approach is to ensure we provide customers the most value for their business.

Contact us for more details.

Our team

We know for a fact that the quality of the people that assist you in your endeavour is most important.  To this end, our team is formed by only highly qualified professionals with extensive experience (15 years or more) in the implementation and deployment of the Lean's approach.

By carrying out multiple large-scale projects, our team developed a high level of knowledge and skills. Also, many of our team members held senior executive positions in the past. Some even worked closely with a number of "Sensei" who occupied various posts in Toyota's offices in Canada, in the United States and even in Japan.  In fact, in certain projects, we worked with former Toyota managers.

We have acquired our high expertise by working on different projects in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico) and around the world (Australia, Japan, China).

We are passionate about the Lean approach and the benefits it can bring to your organization!

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