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Sectors of activities


Reducing time frames, optimizing operating costs while maintaining high quality standards and offering a wide variety of products are major challenges encountered by manufacturers. With a scarcity of skilled labour, it is essential to improve the overall productivity of the organization while remaining focused on the customers' needs.  The Lean approach, as defined by the Toyota Production System (TPS), goes far beyond the Kaizen philosophy and the 5S approach. It is an everyday way of life where one has a well-defined vision which addresses well-defined issues. The Lean approach is to put processes forward and to ensure the development of people within these processes.

How do you meet today's challenges?  Is your personnel mobilized? Is your entire organization working towards the same goal?

Health care

The health care organizations face many challenges such as the rapidly rising operating costs.  The health systems and the people who are part of it are greatly affected by the complexity of the current system, which in turn, has a direct impact on waiting times, capacities and the risk of errors.  For some years now, many organizations around the world have proven that the Lean approach, as developed at Toyota and in the manufacturing industry generally, applies to the health care sector and can produce concrete results. Those organizations include teaching and regional hospitals, dental clinics and other health organizations. However, there are also some organizations that fail to implement the Lean approach because they are restricting themselves to Kaizen activities and do not address health system issues. The Lean approach consists of a set of methodologies, principles and philosophies, forming a management system comprising the right connections in the right place at the right time.

Are all areas of activities in your organization really suffering from manpower shortage? Do you achieve optimal use of your resources? Can your organization support your care providers?


Nowadays, customers do not always know what they want, but they have one thing in common: they expect to be provided with fast, simple and fault-free services. Whether your organization operates in the banking, institutional, automotive, engineering or project managing sectors, efficiency within your organization is paramount to offer to your customers what they want at the right time and at least cost.  When an organization tries to achieve cost optimization at service level, a problem may arise: the service offered by the organization may be far from what the customers require. The Lean approach enables optimization of the business methods, establishing a balance between the right level of resources and the efforts deployed in order to meet the customers' needs. The Lean approach can reveal issues often hidden within complicated administrative processes that do not add any value.

Which services are your customers really ready to pay for? Do the services you're providing really add value while meeting the customer's needs?

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